content writer & brand voice coach

I write true stories for people and brands.

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articles for

Creative Startups &

Woman-Led Businesses

Owning your own business is hard AF—and it's so, so, SO worth it. Get insights from experienced entrepreneurs, explore what it means to lead with empathy, and learn to build a bold and beautiful business that's anything but corporate.

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stories about

Mental Health &

Surviving Life

Mental health is about more than mental illness. It's the ever-present necessity of self-care and what that actually means in day-to-day life. I write candidly about anxiety and depression, escaping abuse, healing after sexual assault, and developing healthy strategies for coping and thriving with ADHD.

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features on

Incredible Brands

You'll Seriously Adore

If I haven't (or wouldn't) spent my own money with a brand, I don't write about them. This series features products and services that improve the lives of real people; companies who actively care for their communities; and leaders who think bigger than the bottom line. 

"Great content, from marketing copy to brand storytelling, connects at an emotional level. That's why Anne's work drives results. She knows how to write from the heart and inspire real people to take action."

—rachel lacour niesen  •  CHIEF PRODUCT OFFICER  •  FOREGROUND.CO

Hi there, I'm Anne Simone!

In a world full of emoji and Tweet-speak, I'm hyperfocused on putting GOOD WORDS into the world—words that:

  • empower woman-led businesses
  • drive long-term success for underrepresented people
  • embolden folks to radically love their bodies
  • motivate us to care for our earth, our animals, and ourselves
  • embrace neurodiversity and advocate for better mental healthcare

I'm a people-first writer with ADHD, a curious soul, and a full-on obsession with my silly shelter dog.

Let's create something wonderful together!

Photograph of Anne Simone, a smiling woman with short bangs and long brown hair. She is wearing layered necklaces with a black shirt and a yellow duster printed with flowers. In the background is deep green foliage.

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