August 5


New Biz? Launch on Insta with Custom Content

Adventure weddings brand Elope NW launched on Instagram with simple, branded graphics and customer-focused copy. 

New business, who dis?

When is two better than one? Well, if we’re talking cocktails or kittens, more is obviously better.

This also proved true when Oregon elopement photographer Ara Roselani joined forces with wedding planner Carisa Smith. Together they formed Elope NW: a full-service, planning + photography team offering comprehensive luxury elopement packages to adventurous couples.

To launch their brand on Instagram, they wanted a series of shareable, branded graphics that would:

  • attract adventure-loving couples 
  • inspire intimate elopement ideas (as opposed to the traditional “big wedding” approach)
  • reflect the brand’s relaxed, relatable approach to planning the perfect elopement

So we started simple.

Brand visuals for Elope NW by Ara Roselani

While you definitely want to hire a designer to develop your visual branding, most social media content can be created without burdening your designer. For Elope NW, I used their pre-existing logo, brand colors, and font selection to create a series of simple templates in Adobe Spark.

From there, I wrote a collection of ready-to-publish memes for the new brand to share:



Header photo by Aralani Photography

Ready to test some branded memes in your own Instagram feed?

Let’s talk!




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